“Pride must die in you or nothing of heaven can live in you.”
–    Andrew Murray (19th-century South African writer and Christian pastor)
5.00 a.m. – You rise early today and in the solitude of your room, resolve the following things: Today I shall exercise, call up three friends and appreciate them for their services, and fast from my Whatsapp and Facebook for six hours.
Note: here the three things that you resolved are what you ‘want’ to do; not that you ‘have’ to do them. There are no obligations. You choose what to do over the next 17-18 hours, and you enter them in your daily journal.
10.00 p.m. – Just before you retire for the day, you revisit the journal and review the day’s doing and being. And especially you look at what you resolved.
If you did what you committed to yourself, you have improved your Self-worth and confidence.
If a friend betrays his promise to you, your confidence in him is likely to lower. Likewise, if you break your promise your belief in yourself would be negatively affected. Sometimes we keep high targets or set unrealistic ambitions, and the result is we cause pain to our ego; our sense of worth wanes with time if we fail to meet our commitments.
The balance of ambition and smallness
The solution is simple: humbly accept one’s small position, and move forward with little, but sure steps.
Often when we have big dreams, we forget our small position. And conversely, if we lack aspiration, we ignore our potential. The challenge is to balance ambition with being sensible. Just because you want to fly high, doesn’t mean you imagine you have wings; our feet need to be firmly grounded in reality.
A teenager I knew wanted to be another Messi or Ronaldo. I asked him why he wants to be a football star. He felt discouraged. Soon I clarified that there’s nothing wrong with his desire but the why’s and how’s need to follow our ambition; otherwise, it remains a dream. And when you answer the painful questions, you face your inadequacies and see the agonizing distance between where you are now and where you want to reach. And then you could take short, definite steps on your forward journey.
To be continued….

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