Humility is the foundation
If Milo had attempted to lift a full-sized bull on the first day, what chances he’d have for success? None! He began humbly, but when he was carrying a bull around, he forgot as a champion he needs to be small again. An oft-ignored reality is smallness is critical even when the world believes you are great. If we allow our fame to grow bigger than us, it would very well become our undoing. Also if you become successful and sit atop the world, remember it’s trite because the earth revolves around in a day. Milo, unfortunately, took his glory seriously and lost it when he let haughtiness creep into him. He began a show of his strength and one day in a forest when he saw a crack in a tree he violently wrenched it out. But as luck would have it, the cleft closed on his hands. He was trapped, and he couldn’t escape. Soon after sunset, a pack of wolves attacked and devoured him. A sad end to a glorious hero!
That’s life – ever ready to humble us. It’s better we voluntarily choose humility in life rather than let the indefatigable material energy eventually humiliate us. Milo was successful, but because his head was filled with thoughts of himself, he was empty. One of America’s prominent religious leaders and author, Gordon Hinckley summed up our role in this world, “I need to be humble, and that means recognizing that I am not on earth to see how important I can become but to see how much difference I can make in the lives of others.”
But naturally, we can’t achieve humility as if it’s a medal. It’s the inner state of our consciousness. It’s funny; the moment you think you are humble, you are likely to lose it. A town council once awarded a man for being the most humble, but soon withdrew the award when the ‘humble’ man wore the badge of humility always on his shirt. He proclaimed to the world that he was the most humble man in the universe and of all the good qualities he possessed, humility was his most cherished virtue!
To be continued….

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