It’s been a year now since the tragedy, and slowly she is recovering from the depression. The incident not only revealed to her that she had more virtual friends than real ones but also we are alone in our deepest pains, and we’d be disoriented when tragedy strikes if all we have then is a smartphone that makes a fool of us. The gadgets mislead us to believe this world is a great place; often we are blinded to the realities and then feel betrayed when suddenly gnawing loneliness grips you.

Overcome Loneliness

To mitigate our loneliness, we drown ourselves in social media apps. We don’t seem to understand that it’s a vicious, self-feeding cycle and a superficial cover-up that doesn’t address our deep insecurities and fears. What consumes your mind is what controls your life. We need to choose active and real, meaningful conversations to connect to others; honest contemplation on what’s important to us; genuine sharing and giving rather than forwarding messages with cute emotions.

We can’t discount the importance of Social media but to give it an overwhelming priority in our daily life means we are giving away the reins of our lives and handing them to an unknown face. You may think the Wi-fi is free and consider using it optimally but the Wi-fi – in a personified form – knows you are ‘free’ and is using you! Some people spend five hours a day on Facebook –  even as you are fidgeting your gadgets, it’s that very phone that pulls the strings of your puppet like life – you are now a victim! Remember thousands earn their salaries because you spend the whole day on these gadgets. It’s not as innocuous as you’d like to imagine.

Healthy habits

Since most of us need these gadgets and applications because now our business and communication systems depend on them, we can’t avoid it entirely. Still, it’s quite possible to immune ourselves from its adverse effects by some healthy practices.

To be continued….

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