One practice I have now adopted is to pick up the phone second thing in the morning. The first and most important activity on rising from the bed is to offer prayers, meditate, go for a walk, write journals or anything else that defines you and is most significant for you. Then after you have connected to yourself and your vision, you could pick up your phone. There’s a massive ocean of adventure that exists outside the well of our phone world. Let’s seek these rich treasures by making our lives better without the phone telling us what to.

My friends and I have begun a weekly fasting day- we don’t access WhatsApp and don’t read the news one day in a week. Just as bodily fasting removes toxins and rejuvenates the body, saying no to the ‘food’ that goes into the mind is a great detox – it flushes out the clutter and rejuvenates the soul. And after a life-enhancing experience like exercise or journaling, when I check my WhatsApp, I tend to hurry up and skim through the messages to only seek the important ones. After all, I have spent my most precious time on what nourishes me, and now I have little time left for these.

You are not ‘free’; you have many important things to do, and if you flick through the host of messages, fast and alert, it helps you avoid being a victim. You still retain control of your life. And if your mind cheats you by saying there’s a lot of inspiration and wisdom out there on the internet, let me remind you what Paramahamsa Yogananda, India’s legendary guru, and yogi, said, “It is not your passing inspirations or brilliant ideas so much as your everyday mental habits that control your life. And your Success is hastened or delayed by these habits.”

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