heart and mind

“To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but what he aspires to.”
– Khalil Gibran (Lebanese-American writer and poet)

Awareness of our mind’s tantrums and even self-acceptance induced peace exists on the foundation of our real self being a servant.

Our identity is different from our body and mind just as the person driving a Lamborghini is not the same as the car or its spare parts. Therefore to be able to lead an effective life of meaning and contribution, and to rise beyond our tiny mind, we need to nurse the aspiration of service, which is our real identity.

Salt is salty, chillies are hot, and water is naturally liquid. Similarly the soul- the real ‘I’- is a servant by nature. We are always serving- our masters, pet, family, or nation. In all our relationships, we are driven by the identity to either serve or enjoy. If service attitude goads us on, we live beyond the painful dualities of the mind- hankering and lamentation, happiness and distress, or desire and hate. Thus uninhibited by the mind, we live our lives at the realm of our pure identity.

We assume many identities in life. If I think I am a ‘singer’ then I may rejoice when I sing well and receive accolades. But what if I lose my voice; what do I do then? If I identify myself as a successful businessman, my mind has happy thoughts when I earn well. But if I were to get bankrupt, then the other extreme of distress engulfs my consciousness. However one who is fixed in the identity of being a soul that’s different from the mind and body, and also the soul as a servant of God or divinity or the universe, then this ‘service’ mood nourishes us in all situations.

To be continued….

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