When she died in 2009, the world mourned and applauded her contributions.

While living, she was fearless even amidst half a dozen attempted coups against her. Once during a bid to violently overthrow her government, armed men attacked the President’s residence. Her trusted Colonel asked the family to stay safe downstairs while he positioned his guards to fire at the enemy. During these anxious moments, he was stunned to see Cory’s steady control of her emotional state. As the Colonel went inside to finalize the defenses, he was impressed to see Cory comb her hair and slowly walk to safety. While the Colonel later recalled the incident and wondered how she didn’t panic, Cory serenely said that she combed her hair because she needs to look presentable as the President of her country.

In retrospect, her fearlessness and detachment were born from a sense of service. She had nothing to lose, and whether it was her family or nation, her only possession was a sense of contribution.

Imelda Marcos, the widow of former President Ferdinand, on the other hand, refuses to learn lessons. She is politically active even today at ninety years of age. Having spent her last thirty years fighting legal cases and trying to clear her name from hundreds of charges, she still seeks public position, and is keen to win elections!

Imelda reminds me of a frog.

A lesson from a Frog

A YouTube video showed a croaking frog struggle hard to get out of a snake’s mouth. The snake’s grip was firm and steady; slowly but surely, the frog went in. Interestingly, even as the snake gobbled up the frog, the frog pulled out its tongue to catch an insect. As the frog swallowed the fly, it was a double feast for the snake!

That’s the summary of human life. The Vedic scriptures often compare Time with a snake; even as time swallows us into oblivion, we busy ourselves catching flies- property, power, and positions. And history-like the snake- gobbles both of us- like the frog and the fly- in a whiff. Although the human lifespan is brief compared to the continuous time-space, it nevertheless offers an opportunity to add meaning and contribution to others’ well-being.

To be continued….

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