At other times you may struggle in your job and relationships, and feel anger for no reason. Worse, a series of unpleasant experiences could even make you cynical to the reality of sensitive dealings. In either situation, remember and practice the four guidelines.

A lesson from the Ramayana   

Thousands of monkey soldiers helped Lord Rama built a bridge across the Indian Ocean, to cross over Lanka. As giant warriors like Hanuman and Angada picked up boulders and mountain rocks, a squirrel hurried with pebbles in her beak. A big monkey was about to step on her when he noticed the little one and immediately chided her to move away. She apologized and dropped the sand particles on the ocean. The soldier asked her what she was doing, and she confidently expressed her desire to help the Lord build his bridge across the sea. The monkey laughed at what he considered a pointless endeavor by the squirrel.

Lord Rama noticed this exchange, and he lovingly picked up the squirrel. He then mildly censured the soldier, “To me, her contribution is as significant as yours. Both of you are offering the best you have to help me build this bridge. Neither one of you is superior or inferior to the other.”

Individually some of us are like Hanuman, others like the squirrel, and many of us, somewhere in between. But each one of us is a wellspring of goodness that we need to recognize and liberally share with the world.

Principles-universal truths of honesty, sacrifice, humility, love, etc. are our real wealth. We could choose to live by them according to our capacity, and in our whole state, and reap eternal benefits.

Just see that you don’t compare with others, for it could lead to depression or a false sense of pride. Remember your abilities and desires, the inspirational examples, and then tap your authentic self- the golden four P’s- to contribute to the same spiritual endowments.

The young ashram member heard me respectfully that afternoon, and in time I’d know if I made sense to him.

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