Today however the situation is bizarre. People work passionately into late hours, parties go on till wee hours and licentious lifestyle and booze are a common affair. Many even lose their sense of discrimination being influenced by the mode of ignorance. Nature through the mode of ignorance is clearly instructing us to relax at night. But instead of cooperating with her, many go bonkers; they drive rashly, commit crimes and turn crazy at night.

The invisible ropes

The Bhagavad Gita calls these energies as ‘Guna’ which literally translates as ‘rope’.

A jockey may restrict the movement of his horse with three strong ropes, or three strings might pull a puppet in different directions. Likewise these three invisible ropes – sattva, rajas and tamas – bind us to certain qualities, thoughts, feelings and activities. The energy is all pervading.

A discerning observer can perceive a garden emanating sattva early in the morning, but a few hours later, at the same place he’d feel rajas getting him as he sees couples cuddled on their love nests in some bushes. Later as crows feast on the pile of open garbage outside the garden, the stench and filth gushestamasic feelings within.

Often the mixing and churning of these energies is instant and dynamic. It’s not easy to recognize the pulling and pushing of the modes. But if we can make more of sattva choices we’ll be able to recognize the modes’ influence on us. For example if you chose to rise early and practise yoga, or meditation or do some journaling, you have made a sattva’ choice. This improves clarity of thought and not only keeps you peaceful, but also helps you discern the play of modes in your external and internal surroundings. Otherwise our mind gets muddled with many thoughts and feelings and we are dragged helplessly like a puppet pulled by the strings. Sattva immediately helps us raise our mind above the influence of passion and ignorance.To be continued…

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