“You are always with yourself, so you might as well enjoy the company.”

– Diane Von Furstenberg (famous Belgian-American fashion designer, considered by Time as one of the powerful 100 people on this planet)

God is an expert tailor. He has stitched a perfect coat for each one of us; it’s unique, and no one else can wear your jacket.

The coat is called PURIFICATION. The various unpleasant experiences that fall on your lap, without your invitation, is your dress. At every stage of life we meet with pain and setbacks; when we complain about life, we are essentially moaning about the coat, and when we accept reversals we have made peace with the dress that’s given to us. When you receive the unavoidable circumstances of your life with gratitude, you have finally worn your jacket with a big smile!

One friend of mine is financially blessed; he has three houses in South Mumbai. But he is in anxiety because his business is on a fragile base; he could lose all of it any day. Another friend has a stable government job, but he wishes he had enough money to own even a small house in Mumbai. The first man is wearing his coat of business purification, while the second is struggling with the basic need of a home. You can’t throw away this coat. It sticks on your body and also gets heavy when you enter troubled waters.

Each one of us has a coat that we could either choose to wear grudgingly or happily. Those who live in denial are unhappy about their life-coat. Although it’s sewed perfectly and fits well, some people claim it’s difficult to put it on! But they can’t remove the coat; it’s removed only on death!

To be continued….

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