Instead of wasting our lives adjusting the coat on our body, let’s choose to accept it as a gift and move on with other things in life. There’s no one spared of anxieties; misery plagues every human that ever walked on earth, be it a beggar or a mighty President. The Christian preacher and peace activist William Sloane Coffin said it humorously, “I am not okay, you are not okay, and that’s okay.”

A President in depression

When Calvin Coolidge took over as the President of USA, the country saw hope; corrupt politicians would now be thrown out, and good tidings lay ahead for all. Barely months after assuming the top position of one of the most influential Nations of the world, Calvin’s teenage son died because of a small blood clotting. This strange, unexpected death plunged Mr. President in an ocean of shock, from which he never recovered. His health began to suffer, and he lost the will to live. A man of few words, Coolidge admitted that his son’s death had shattered him; he said, “When my son went, the power and glory of my Presidency went with him.” He then refused to run for President in the next elections and soon died of a heart attack. The coat was too heavy for him! He didn’t like the suit that he was made to wear; he preferred death than to live on with the pain of the purification dress!

History lessons from Srimad Bhagavatam

The ancient wisdom book Srimad Bhagavatam reveals the plight of the king of demons, Hiranyakashipu. A saintly son Prahalad was born to him, and still, he was miserable. He wanted his son to continue his legacy of ant-God activities. On the other hand, King Anga lived in deep pain because his son Vena was so demoniac that he would even kill his friends during play. Eventually, Anga was so frustrated that he left his kingdom and lived in the forest. How Hiranyakashipu would have loved to have Vena as his son and Anga would have surely felt blessed with Prahalad as his child. But nature is not our servant; we can’t control the gifts nature provides us. That’s your coat, and you have a choice to wear it- humbly remember God or complain about the jacket.

To be continued….

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