The situation in life that you accept as a specific gift from God is your coat of purification. And if you choose to worry about it, please know that no one cares, and even if they do, there’s nothing they can do to remove your dress; it’s stuck on you for life. You may change some things, but another misery would soon strike. The art is to do the needful without focussing too much on the inconvenience caused by the coat.

Srimad Bhagavatam also describes the plight of Chitraketu who ruled the planet and yet was most miserable because he had no child at all. He married ten million wives and still couldn’t get an issue. Finally, some realized sages told him that they could bless him to have a son, but the child would give him pain. Blinded by his desire, Chitraketu couldn’t fathom the impending crisis, and when his queens poisoned the child, he was distraught, and that is when he realized the harsh reality of this world.

Moving beyond our suffering

Death and suffering is the constant factor in this world of fluctuating fortunes. Our minds would never allow us to feel contended. But everything in this world, especially the events that happen in our lives, is perfect, whether we understand it or not.

Therefore it’s absolutely vital for our mental well-being that we happily accept the coat that God has designed for us; let’s remember that the pain and suffering- the inconvenience in our coats is an opportunity for us to increase our loving remembrance of God and it’s also a wake-up call to aspire to leave this material world.

There is no point complaining about our coat, and wishing we had the jacket worn by others. The grass is greener on the other side. But the irony of this world is while we want we had someone else’s coat, the person wearing that coat is desperate to have yours.

In this world, we never really get what we want. It’s time to make peace with our coats, and move on in life with quiet courage. We need to learn that being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect; it merely means we have decided to look beyond the imperfections.

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