There are other budding sportsmen who never fully realize their potential because they think it’s not worth it; the competition is too much, they claim. I reason with them that their talents have nothing to do with the other competing athletes. They have to realize their God-endowed gifts. And to consummate their faculties, they merely need to move forward, slowly and surely.
A wrestling legend’s small steps
Milo was an undisputed, six times Olympic champion from ancient Greece. One day he walked into a packed stadium carrying a four-year-old bull on his shoulders. If you are not impressed, imagine a man walks around carrying a premium hatchback Hyundai car, weighing a thousand kilograms, on his back. That’s what Milo did in 500 B.C.
Although this epoch moment catapulted a simple man from Croton to super-stardom and traditional folklore, it’s important to note what led to this spectacular event.
One day, a few years ago, Milo saw a calf take birth near his home. He picked him up on his shoulder, walked a few miles and returned to repeat the feat the following day. He did it every day over the next four years. As the calf grew in size, his consistent effort bore fruit; he was one day carrying not a twenty-five kg cute animal but a thousand kg bull.
He began humbly – picking up a calf was no big deal. Secondly, he kept his endeavor steady. Thirdly, he improved by making tiny gains – as the calf grew a few kgs here and there, his ability to lift the animal also increased proportionately.
The three steps Milo followed are:
Humble – begin small
Steady – do it daily
Improve – increase a bit regularly
To be continued….

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