Hirkani knew the forest was dangerous and she also wouldn’t dare to climb down the wall the next day. Nonetheless, on that fateful evening, the attachment to her baby caused her to transcend her mind’s limitations. She didn’t let the mind brood on how it’s terrible to climb down the cliff, or what if the wild animals got her. Her one-pointed determination to a cause higher than her own body and mind lifted her from her mind’s shackles.

A clarification: often a high dopamine and adrenaline rush could also propel us to transcend our fears. But that’s a passing phenomenon. To live a whole life beyond the mind requires us to marry a purpose – a goal that we are willing to die for.

Marry a purpose                                                                     

If you are desperate to travel somewhere knowing a vast treasure awaits you, would you be affected by the cushions on your plane seat or the uniform of the stewardess; would you file a complaint about the food served on the plane? You are excited to reach your destination. Likewise, life is a glorious adventure, with unlimited opportunities for growth and fulfilment. And for those desperate to grab the jewels of realizations that life brings, the daily trifles don’t matter.

Martin Luther King (Jr) once said, “If you’ve got nothing worth dying for, you’ve got nothing worth living for.” Once we have a purpose, we can plan our lives better, and keep our schedules revolving around it. Then, even if we slip, we can rise – with more awareness and acceptance – and pursue the goal. It doesn’t matter what others say or whether you look good or speak well. But when we lack a vision, even petty issues drown us in sorrow, for the mind is expert in spinning endless yarns.

Even if we lack a purpose, our attempt to seek a goal itself is liberating. Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky in his literary classic, ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ said, “The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.”

To be continued..

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