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Hirkani had that purpose – her baby, and that passion catapulted a simple woman to perform an incredible achievement- one that the strongest of warriors wouldn’t dare accomplish. In fact, the most superlatively successful men and women of this world are ordinary souls but with extraordinary passions and aspirations. Albert Einstein, regarded as one of the greatest physicists who ever walked on earth, was an average man. He loved music, lacked sophistication or worldliness, had a child-like simplicity and you may find many like him in your neighbourhood. Nonetheless why is the word ‘Einstein’ today synonymous with ‘Genius’, and even a lay-man knows  – the most popular equation in the world! His friend Robert Oppenheimer revealed the secret: Einstein was ‘profoundly stubborn.’ Einstein himself confessed, “I have no special talents. I am only passionate curious.” 

Life enhancing passion

Have you noticed how even a terribly destructive purpose can help one transcend the mind? An innocent teenager, recruited by the agents of hate, allows his tender heart to corrupt. He then grows to become a vicious terrorist, killing innocents, and performing crazy, dastardly acts, which, he’d have never done had he not been brain-washed. During these gruesome pursuits, it may appear he has transcended the fear of his own life. If even a conscience-alienating act could propel one to live beyond one’s own bodily limits, imagine, if the purpose was honourable and life enhancing, what terrific achievements could be scaled? We would not only improve our lives, but also bring joy to the hearts of others.

In contrast to a radicalized terrorist, Mahatma Gandhi was a timid, unsuccessful lawyer. His poor oratory didn’t help him either. However he married a purpose beyond his own self- he pursued the independence of his motherland from British rule as his life’s one-pointed mission. The rest is history. His public speaking skills were inconsequential as more than two hundred thousand people attended his rallies, to latch on to every word he spoke. And they cared less if he was a great orator; his cause and mission had inflamed the hearts of three hundred million Indians with a desire for Swaraj– self-rule and complete independence from the British Empire.

If we lack a purpose, we drift away whenever the waves of desire pull us. Riding the mind’s chariot, those with a paucity of drive or passion, remain ever dissatisfied. For them life is simply a series of unfortunate events that happens to them. They allow things to ‘happen’, but on the other hand when we lead a purpose driven life, we make things happen. When you have a dream and a willingness to live for it, the mind doesn’t matter.

The Bhagavadgita (2.41) offers sagacious words, “Those who are on this path are resolute in purpose, and their aim is one…. the intelligence of those who are irresolute is many-branched.”

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