The following day I reflected back and realized that all the frantic phone calls for the program were absolutely unnecessary. If I had planned in advance and learnt to delegate, I could have been peaceful on the day of the program. Moreover I realized that till a few years ago we never had mobile phones and I remember organizing college festivals and holiday tours with my friends all without so many phone calls.

It’s just the culture, everybody is doing it, so I too felt I need a phone. I too need to make desperate phone calls and check on everything. But that evening was an eye opener.

I now check my phone only three times a day, and I am more productive than I was ever before. This may not be practical for everyone, like my wife has a job where she always needs the phone. But even she has decided to do away with the phone once a week. And our lives have become blissful. We now have more time for ourselves and our kids.

My wife joked recently that she is happy I have divorced my former wife – the ‘mobile’ phone and have reaffirmed my attachment to her!”

The enchanting captor

The images, music and videos and the electronic screen itself are captivating. Often at the airports, the news screen invites the waiting passengers to see the ‘Breaking News’ and even if I don’t want to, my head instinctively turns to the screen. There’s nothing wrong with that, except that if I am disconnected from myself, or if I have painful issues to deal with, I need to connect with my inner world. And electronic screens don’t help you do that. If anything they have a grip on you to the point that you can’t think for yourself. You are addicted. You need to get out of its clutches. We pride ourselves on creating machines, computers and phones that can now think like humans but it’s a matter of shame if humans begin to think and live like machines.

The smart phones are insidious; we don’t even realize we are a victim. No one imagines that a gadget can be a cause of anxiety. That’s because we assume we are smart and we use the phone. Little do we realize that it’s the phone that’s trapped us. I guess that’s why it’s called the smart phone.Like Rajeev, I have met hundreds of men and women, who are able to celebrate life more, simply because they have said no to Facebook and other social networking sites at least once a week. 

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