Vraja Bihari Das

1.    The food body- Annamaya kosha

What you and others see about you is called the food body. It’s the outermost layer of our existence and is grossly visible to the naked eye.

Your daily exercise, rest and diet take care of this sheath. Even though we are not these bodies, still the real I resides within this body. Hence its care is essential.

Some people waste time or oversleep, or through various overindulgences abuse this sheath. There are others who drift to the other extreme; they are obsessed with how they look, or they spend hours in the gym to stay healthy. Yet they won’t be entirely happy if they ignore the other sheaths.

2.    The life airs or the energy body; the Pranamaya kosha

A heated debate or an intense day of negotiations or busy travel schedules could leave your life airs in disarray. When you are passionate the whole day, you will breathe quicker and your heart beats faster. You just need to relax.

The disease first attacks this layer before manifesting on the visible body. Through a regulated lifestyle, yoga, massage and slow and conscious breathing, you can take care of the energy centers better. Gossip and hearing faults and overuse of the internet can disturb the flow of life airs in the body.

I knew a person who at the age of thirty-five had a massive heart-attack and narrowly escaped death. The shock for all who knew him was because he was a yoga freak and ate the right food and guided many others. How could this happen to him? Simple! He hardly relaxed. He had tasks cut out for himself; daily deadlines and long travels exhausted him. Yet he pushed himself and even did his yoga rigorously, as a job that needed to be done. His bodily airs were in a mess. He knew it yet pushed his limits and eventually, his overconfidence cost him dearly.

3.    Mind and emotions – the Manomaya kosha

Have you wondered how some people are able to cope better in stressful situations, while you may have read all manner of self-help books and still struggle with insecurities and fear?

To be continued…


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