Daily application at the Three levels – I, He, and God

Practically speaking this is what I did: at the first level I thanked my cook friend for what I got; then for what he is; and now finally to God for giving food to countless living entities daily. From a tiny ant in my room to huge elephants in Africa, somebody or some force is providing for all. I thank that force and enter a spiritual space, almost instantly.

On another occasion two hundred of us monks went to a holy place for pilgrimage. My spiritual practise was a simple gratitude practise at three levels:

First level – I thanked a friend who organized the four buses to transport us from one place to another. That was a big relief and help in that remote village. I also thanked my stars for escaping bee stings when a bee have got disturbed and the bees went on a rampage. Although I had offered a sincere expression of thanks, still my spiritual practice was at the lowest level.

Second level – The bus organizer is an engineer by profession and didn’t take any money for his services. I thanked him for his example and meditated on his dedicated services over the last decade. Here I was appreciating him not for the help he offered me, but for his being who he is. I also spent time with my other friends who were badly stung by the bees. In my kindness to them, and in my silent appreciation for their tolerance of the pain, I was being human and also spiritual; the experience of the heart is real. In giving we receive is an old adage and we discover its truth when we raise the bar of our living at the second level.

Third level – I thanked God for no accidents and overall safety during our pilgrimage. The boys who got stung recovered in three days. Had the bus fallen over the cliff, many of us would have died. Therefore this was a good bargain and was a cause of gratitude and celebration. We returned in trains and I reflected how daily eleven thousand trains ply in India and there are hardly any fatal accidents. I thanked the universe for protection and shelter.

It’s time we realize we are all connected in one way or other. As the American author and Astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson said, “We are connected to each other biologically, to the earth chemically, and to the rest of the universe atomically.” Let’s recognize this connection and celebrate – that’s spirituality!

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